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Jio KBC is an academic and informative show. The KBC Lottery show fulfills your dreams in just a few seconds by answering some questions. The show is not for specific people, everyone can participate in this game show by following the rules and regulations. If you want to achieve your goals, you should get a lottery of Jio KBC lottery.
KBC lottery winner will get a car with 25 lac cash. KBC lottery number check will also get a great chance to get on the hot seat in front of a famous personality host too. Dear JIO KBC customer if you want to participate in JIO Lucky draw, it is very easy as there is no registration required. KBC lucky draw is connected with all sim cards now. Your sim card mobile numbers will be listed in KBC lucky draw 2021. JIO KBC will list your name in the lucky draw, if you will win you can become a champ of the month.
KBC, without a doubt has got the general public attention and generate new records that square measures indestructible. On each Day the reorganization and ranking of this most popular show KBC are increasing. People of every age are enjoying this show Kaun Banega CarorPati. If you think you are lucky then KBC lottery number check is going to provide you a great chance to win 25 laces Cash and more amazing prizes.

Dear customers of KBC, your favorite show KBC has now brought an amazing surprise. Now you can participate in the KBC show by calling at our KBC head office number. KBC established a new way of the Lottery Information Center and has made it easy for you to reach the biggest great family show of India. You can call for participation at KBC head office WhatsApp number given below.

Kaun Banega Crorepati

It’s a great opportunity for play-along users to sit on Hot seat with Amitabh Bachan on Sony Entertainment Television. Play KBC on JIO Chat app online Game quiz and win bumper prizes.  In case of any query or if you want any detailed information about KBC Lottery Winner 2021, KBC Lucky Draw or about KBC head office number, feel free to get in touch with the KBC Support Query Form. The contestant who plays on the SonyLIV app on their Smartphone and the lucky winners will get variety of prizes at the end of every episode.
The contestants who play the game on the SonyLIV app on their Smartphones from the comfort of their homes will play KBC along live online. The great show of KBC is ready to take you on a ride of entertainment by playing the game and test your IQ with the interesting questions. If you think you’re a genius and can be the winner of KBC LUCKY Winner 2021 then open the JIO Chat app by entering your mobile number and login. You can install the ultimate KBC quiz game show according to your ease in English and Hindi Quiz set. Reliance JIO has released 3 step video guide for participants in the JIO KBC Lottery Winner 2021. It will soon come live on the Sony entertainment TV channel in India.

Warning Message from KBC Head Office:
Respected people of India please don’t share your personal information like Credit card number, Lottery number or Bank info with Fake people. Scammers use the name of KBC and make innocent people fool by sending fake messages on WhatsApp or sim card numbers. If you receive any call or text please always ignore and don’t trust these types of people. If you are facing any problem with KBC Lottery Winner 2021 and KBC Lucky Draw kindly call us at our KBC Head Office Number.  Your security is our 1st priority. It’s our responsibility to protect you from Fakers.

KBC Head Office Number and WhatsApp

Complete Procedure of
KBC Lucky Draw:

Without a lot of a stretch hunt by getting into your most popular endowment within the net you’ll get a lucky likelihood to urge a golden price ticket of KBC Lucky Draw. As opposite to lottery or scratch cards, the net is superior in trying your fate. KBC Lucky Draw locales can open up inside the season of endless selection. For getting KBC Lottery winner 2021 in KBC show, initially, you’ve got to come to a decision the situation that suits and interest you, however, tolerance pays. After you choose the popular web site can open-up on the web Prize Draw.

In the relevant web site, you wish to inscribe by giving your essential individual subtitles like address, age, name, and sexual orientations, etc. This info can cause you to qualify for the sweepstakes wherever you’ll even a vehicle your call while not underpayment a solitary penny going anyplace. So, don’t waste your precious time. You’ll win something you wish anything you need by just surfing the web for the most effective arrangements and accessible alternatives in KBC Lucky Draw destinations.

Most of the peoples are already familiar with the popular KBC Lottery Winner Series 2021. For those who are not much aware of this Jackpot winning show, lets you briefly. KBC Stands for Kaun Banega Crorepati. This Show was initially started in 2001. It was inspiration copy of British Game Show “Who Wants to be Millionaire”.

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Crore Pati Winner

KBC Lottery Winner List September 2021

KBC Lottery Winner List 2020 (July) Lottery Amount Mobile Number Winner City
imges Mithun Chandal 35,00,000 916****243 Kolkata
imgesSukhdev vishwanat Pawar 35,00,000 1244 Mumbai
imgesNeha Agarwal 25,00,000 634*****511 Pune
imgesAjay Chauhan 25,00,000 624*****900 Gwalior
imgesJECRIS AGRIUM 25,00,000 63*****595 Chennai
imgesShawar 25,00,000 63*****560 Bhopal
imgesAmandeep Singh 25,00,000 84*****270 Amritsar

Know More About Kaun Banega Crorepati Host

Kaun Banega Crorepati Plot

Main Steps to Enter KBC Show
  • Recharge your sim card or mobile number. KBC is connected with all sim card organizations.
  • Your mobile number will register automatically.
  • Call on KBC head office number or KBC head office WhatsApp number.
  • You can also enter in KBC show with a single text by giving the correct answer.
  • You will get 2 chances in a month for winning KBC Lucky Draw.
  • You can participate in KBC Lottery winner 2021 with a single text, call or by visiting our Head office.
4 Lifelines of KBC Gameshow:

If you want to get a chance to play KBC online with a legend host and want to meet other celebrities too you can take part in this wonderful show by recharging your mobile number. If you answer the first question right which will have four options, you’ll win RS 1000. KBC has established a new KBC Lucky Draw 2021 and KBC Lottery winner 2021 for all KBC fans. KBC management will also give you four lifelines. You can use these four lifelines throughout the game. For further details, you can contact us at KBC head office WhatsApp number.

  • The 1st first lifeline is “fifty-fifty”.  In this lifeline, two wrong choices will be removed and you will have to choose from two remaining options. It will help you to win the 1st level.
  • 2nd lifeline is “Phone a friend”.  For find the right answer you can take help of your friend by making a call between you and your friend.
  • The 3rd lifeline is “audience poll”. In this, the audience that is attending the show gives you the poll of answers and the system will show you their polls in the form of a graph.
  • The 4th lifeline is “Flip”. During the game, if you cannot give the right answer to the existing question you can use this lifeline to get the next question by skipping the current question.

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