KBC Head Office Number+19134400444

KBC Head Office Number +917063867074 –WhatsApp +917063867074

KBC is one of the most popular shows in the history of India. KBC ( Kaun banega ga caroepatti)has given locals of India an amazing opportunity to change their life with the help of KBC lottery and it has helped many people  and we have changed lives of Jio KBC lottery winners 2021 and you can be one of them. The price of KBC lottery winner 2021 season 11 is RS 25 lakhs. KBC Lucky Draw lottery has made millionaires and provided people with financial freedom. The mission of KBC Lucky Draw lottery is to empower people and locals can take this opportunity right now and become millionaires.

To enter KBC lottery winner and be a Jio KBC lottery winner 2021 all you need is your Sim cards. KBC Lucky Draw lottery is a program that you are based on self-enrollment. To be a KBC Lucky Lottery winner 2021 all you need is to activate your Sim card and you will be enrolled in the KBC Lucky Draw lottery. The best strategy to increase your chance to become a Jio kbc winner is to stack your sim cards and you could be the next winner of KBC lottery season 11.

KBC lottery winner has been conducting for a long time now and it has helped many Jio KBC lottery winners through out India to achieve their dreams. The KBC lottery winner 2021 will be held on the tenth and twenty of every month so you now have not once but twice the chance to win the KBC lottery winner. All you have to do is keep reactivating your sim cards and keep increasing your chance to be Jio KBC lottery winners 2021.

Important note

KBC lottery management has warning for all of you. There are many devious scammers on phone calls and also on the internet and they can cause you much trouble. If you are approached by some random call stating that you have won the KBC lottery and request you to transfer personal information like ID number, bank information, sex orientation then they are prebake a scam.

There is only one kbc head office whatsapp number for the official KBC lottery and that is +19134400444. If you receive any suspicious calls stating that you have won ball this official number our support team is online 24/7 to provide you with all the information you need and confirm all your queries. So be safe from scammers.

KBC lottery winner competition 2021

KBC Head Office Number and WhatsApp

KBC lottery winner season 11 lists

There is another way to confirm the KBC lottery winner is to visit our official website KBC Online Winner

Every month the winners are updated on this website. So you can be updated 24/7.

Entering the KBC lottery winner 2021 has become very easy now due to our self-enrollment program. All you need to do is to activate your ne sim cards once the cards are activated or reactivated the number will be in the database of Jio KBC lottery winner once that is done you have to just wait for the results to be announced.

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KBC Lottery Winner List September 2021

KBC Lottery Winner List 2020 (July) Lottery Amount Mobile Number Winner City
Kbc lottery winner 2021 Mithun Chandal 35,00,000 916****243 Kolkata
Kbc lottery winnerSukhdev vishwanat Pawar 35,00,000 1244 Mumbai
Kbc lucky draw lotteryNeha Agarwal 25,00,000 634*****511 Pune
Kbc lotteryAjay Chauhan 25,00,000 624*****900 Gwalior
Jio kbc lottery winnerJECRIS AGRIUM 25,00,000 63*****595 Chennai
Kbc lottery winner season 11Shawar 25,00,000 63*****560 Bhopal
Kbc lottery winner 2021 MumbaiAmandeep Singh 25,00,000 84*****270 Amritsar

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Kaun Banega Crorepati Plot

Main Steps to Enter KBC Show
  • Recharge your sim card or mobile number. KBC is connected with all sim card organizations.
  • Your mobile number will register automatically.
  • Call on KBC head office number or KBC head office WhatsApp number.
  • You can also enter in KBC show with a single text by giving the correct answer.
  • You will get 2 chances in a month for winning KBC Lucky Draw.
  • You can participate in KBC Lottery winner 2021 with a single text, call or by visiting our Head office.
4 Lifelines of KBC Gameshow:

If you want to get a chance to play KBC online with a legend host and want to meet other celebrities too you can take part in this wonderful show by recharging your mobile number. If you answer the first question right which will have four options, you’ll win RS 1000. KBC has established a new KBC Lucky Draw 2021 and KBC Lottery winner 2021 for all KBC fans. KBC management will also give you four lifelines. You can use these four lifelines throughout the game. For further details, you can contact us at KBC head office WhatsApp number.

  • The 1st first lifeline is “fifty-fifty”.  In this lifeline, two wrong choices will be removed and you will have to choose from two remaining options. It will help you to win the 1st level.
  • 2nd lifeline is “Phone a friend”.  For find the right answer you can take help of your friend by making a call between you and your friend.
  • The 3rd lifeline is “audience poll”. In this, the audience that is attending the show gives you the poll of answers and the system will show you their polls in the form of a graph.
  • The 4th lifeline is “Flip”. During the game, if you cannot give the right answer to the existing question you can use this lifeline to get the next question by skipping the current question.

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